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Editors of Beecher’s write about the first year and issue of the magazine, for Portal del Sol

In 2011, the editors of Beecher’s were asked by Portal del Sol to write about their experiences working on a magazine during its first year of publication.  Assistant poetry editor Iris Moulton, Managing Editor Caitlin Frances Thornbrugh, and Design Editor Dan Rolf all contributed to the Portal del Sol series.  You can read all of the contributions from Beecher’s editors at this link.

Here are some excerpts from what the editors had to say:

“We hope that to know Beecher’s One is to hold it in your hands, run a fingerprint down the thread in the spine, see the black typeface imprinted into the white sheets, leave a fingerprint on the pages. We hope that our greatest triumph was to create an intimate, unique experience through the combination of writing and design.”

–Caitlin Thornbrugh, Managing Editor

“The book has a naked spine and rigid, toothy, absorbent white paper that is meant to show evidence of the reader by literally absorbing and recording the reading experience: the hands holding the book, the fingers on the page, the bending of turned pages, the weakening of the unprotected spine. This recording of a reader’s interaction happens with every well-used book, but with Beecher’s One we wanted to lay bare this interaction, allow the recording of the interaction to become the adornment.”

–Dan Rolf, Beecher’s Design Editor

2012 Beecher’s Kickstarter campaign

In 2012, the editors of the second issue of Beecher’s launched a Kickstarter campaign.  The campaign’s goals were to raise the funds necessary to reprint the first issue of Beecher’s in a perfect bound format, and to defray the printing costs of the second issue.  Even though the campaign was unsuccessful, the video produced by the editors, and the support from generous backers, were a testament to Beecher’s magazine’s ongoing commitment to inimitable writing, and tactile, beautiful design.