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Beecher’s 6 ($10)

Beecher’s 5 ($10)

Featuring contest winners Laura Madeline Wiseman, Cal Louise Phoenix, and Evelyn Hampton, with work by rob mclennan, Terry Belew, Kristine Ong Muslim, Michael Levan, Ryder Collins, Michelle Askin, Robert P. Kaye, Sean Zhuraw, Marcus Slease, Rikka Wommack, JP Kemmick, Joshua Ware, Trina Burke, Justine Chan, Mike Jacoby, Meredith Blankinship, Halie Theoharides, Laura Ferris, Mary Rogers, Rachel Milligan, Yosef Rosen, Nate Lowe, Justin Wymer, Kass Fleisher, and Madeline Vardell, featuring an interview with Patricia Lockwood and artwork by Lee Chapman


Beecher’s 2, 3, & 4 Bundle ($12) 


Beecher’s 4 ($10)    


Featuring contest winners Roy Beckemeyer, Anne Penniston Grunsted, and Penny Perkins, selected by Eula Biss, Frank X. Walker, and Manuel Muñoz, contributors Sarah Blake, Lawrence Eby, Tara Deal, Brian Phillip Whalen, Christopher Shipman, Susan Lloy, Arne Weingart, Thomas Fox Averill, Emma Sovich, Gabrielle Freeman, J.M. Jones, Rachel Mennies, Joseph Harris, Bric Barker, Chelsea Werner-Jatzke, Anna Arov, John F. Buckley and Martin Ott, Jennifer Arcuni, Marvin Shackelford, Sandra Kolankiewicz, Chris Philpot, Victoria Peña, Jason Carney, Joseph Mulholland, drawings by Chico Sierra, and our recent chat with Junot Díaz!

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Beecher’s 3 & 4 ($9)


Beecher’s 3 ($5)



Featuring contest winners Anne Royston, Heather Frese, Christopher Lowe, and contributors Summer Ellison, Nate Pritts, F. Daniel Rzicznek, Andrew P. Dillon, Sean Alan Cleary, Alexis Pope, M.E. Griffith, Kyle Hemmings, Kevin Heaton, Dan Rosenberg, Brady Hammes, Christopher Citro & Dustin Nightingale, Michael Bazzett, Patrick Hicks, Andrew Cantrell, Chris Brewer, Franklin K.R. Cline, Kate Crosby, David Wojciechowski & Erin J. Mullikin, with drawings by Brett Millard.

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Beecher’s 2 & 3 ($7)


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Beecher’s 2 ($5)


Featuring contributors Rebecca Evanhoe, Chris Garrecht-Williams, Anna Klenke, Nick Sturm and Wendy Xu, Josie Sigler, Ricky Garni, Clancy Martin, Jenny Gropp Hess, Mary Miller, Jeff Alessandrelli, Amy McCann, Greg Marshall, Kate Lorenz, Christopher Lirette, Rich Ives, Ana Božičevieć, Brian Shawver, Dan McCarthy, Matt Runkle, Travis Brown, Christine Gosnay, Elisabeth Divis, with art by Travis Millard.

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