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2012 Contest Winners

Our first, annual contest has closed, and we’d like to thank everyone who participated.  We hope you’ll submit next year, for the 2013 contest. A special thanks, again, to our guest judges, Deb Olin Unferth and Adam Robinson, who donated their time and attention to Beecher’s entrants. And, of course, congratulations to the winners!


First Place:

Chris Garrecht-Williams
Dear, and Anxiety of Chances


D. Gilson
Gnostic Gospel, Soon We’ll Bury All Our Dead, and Call and Response



First Place:

Josie Sigler


Andrew Bales
I am the Sea Captain, I am Lance Armstrong, I am Tonya Harding


Literary Magazine Club at HTMLGIANT

We’re pleased to announce that Beecher’s One will be part of HTMLGIANT’s new Literary Magazine Club; the discussion starts November 1st. If you want to participate, you’re eligible to order Beecher’s One at 40% through our secure portal (available on the original post at HTMLGIANT). Or, if you know the password, click here.

Special thanks to  and Beecher’s Asst. Managing Editor Jason Robberson for organizing all of this.

The discussion of Beecher’s debut issue will start on November 1, so you’ll have enough time to read and think about the issue. If you’re interested in writing a guest post or some other feature related to this issue of Beecher’s, get in touch by e-mailing me, again, at roxane at Topics you might consider discussing include the design, content, overall aesthetic, whether the magazine met your expectations, if the debut is promising, what the magazine contributes to the literary scene, etc. You might also do an in-depth analysis of one writer’s work, etc. There are no limits.

There’s also a Google Group with light posting about literary magazines and club announcements. If you want to join the group or want more information about the LMC, where to get your leather jacket and tattoo, etc, send me an e-mail. To summarize: however you want to participate please get in touch or watch this space in November when hopefully, we’ll have a great discussion about an interesting new literary magazine.

via Literary Magazine Club Never Dies | HTMLGIANT.

Beecher’s One is Here

Beecher’s Issue One includes interviews with Adam Robinson and Stephen Elliott, and new writing from Joshua Cohen, Alec Niedenthal, Alexis Orgera, Rebecca Wadlinger, James Yeh and many others.

This first issue of Beecher’s is a limited edition printing inaugurating the new magazine. Rather than adorning the baby magazine in shiny, colorful clothes, Beecher’s One was designed to give the text inside primacy, and as well record the reader’s tactile interaction with the physical magazine. The layout is straight-forward, and the text is presented simply in a black serif font on white paper. The physical object, with a naked spine and rigid, toothy, absorbent paper is meant to show evidence of the reader by literally absorbing and recording the reading experience: the hands holding the book, the fingers on the page, the bending of turned pages, the weakening of the unprotected spine.

Click here to purchase.

See our video introduction here.


The First Year

Henry Ward Beecher knew one thing for sure: powerful things are best snuck in unsuspecting packages. Beecher’s, armed with a wonderful staff full of exciting ideas, may appear to be just another fledgling university publication, but what it really holds may surprise you.

Iris Moulton, asst. poetry editor for Beecher’s One, and now co-editor for the forthcoming issue, has written a thoughtful account of our magazine’s inception for Portal del Sol’s series “The First Year.” You can read the essay by clicking the link above, and you can learn more about Iris, her poetry, and her upcoming events at her website.

Michael Kimball at the Zoo

Below is Part #2 of our podcast series from the 2011 AWP Zoo Reading, co-sponsored by Beecher’s and Publishing Genius. The reader is Michael Kimball, author of Dear Everybody. He is reading a story that is about tigers and not about tigers. Also, please excuse the low volume, as the quality of the recording reflects our location in space and time, which was outdoors, in Washington, D.C., in a public zoo.


Matt Bell at the Zoo

As part of our countdown to Beecher’s One, Benjamin D. Cartwright graciously recorded the zoo readings from AWP 2011 in Washington D.C. (Cartwright, in addition to his duties as Beecher’s asst. design editor, runs both the Kansas Blotter podcast and the About SF podcast). For today’s installment, Matt Bell, author of How They Were Found, reads.