Andrew Cantrell


Too large to enlarge it to the all-in-all it always lays in all ways at the feet of the exploitation of the entire line of debris.  Only as emptied-out can it accumulate what about it that’s exact.  What’s determined by the time is blown in fines down the grain of lines irregular in secular landscapes.  This is the exact it that falls into a time not touched in any better way.  This is a picture. This storm of conformism which causes that the glacier has conferred on late terrains some lateral moraines or retreats.

A glacier’s on all sides of the ice. A glacier’s next to melt or spiral. The debris deposited is of a type of it.  For that’s what forms in irregular landscapes – a theology.  The day it’s observed it can accumulate in the earth whether by degrees or as deposited by the glacier. Theologically some lateral moraines may have breathed from or in or of us of the latter or the landscape’s debris. Indeed it owes its origin to what of it is in a conformism which can accumulate in end upon end.

Anyone who can in its inspiration to distance itself find one in one moraine which causes its deposits can find in dead high ridges the irregular time of their own location.  It’s an irregular time running down to a stratigraphic terminus. A fashion of conformism flashing at its surface.

Moraines may be created at the end and simultaneously our place and time within them are carried along.  Moraines may be settled by millennia of deposited debris.  Their sides join without the valley. Moraines may be modified with respect to a glacier’s melt or spiral path. Plucked off an overriding humanity the most noteworthy of its elements may be forbidden to agitate supra-glacial against a formerly glaciated moment north of this.


Andrew Cantrell’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in Emergency Index 2011, Exact Change Only, Beecher’s Magazine,Otoliths, On Barcelona, Eunoia Review, and SPECS. He lives in Chicago where he works as a union organizer, does things with words, organizes performances and occasional intermedia projects involving poetry and social practice, and co-curates an experimental screening series, PSA Projects. He was recently awarded a residency in Literary Arts at the Banff Centre.