David Wojciechowski and Erin J. Mullikin


A couple of boards come undone from the house,
unpaint themselves and utter an inaudible sigh.
Two cats are in love, and that’s enough to know for now,
but I’m having a dream where a giant clam chases me in an ocean.
I’m having a dream where I pull the horizon
toward me and when it closes in, I refuse to end.
I become a giant vulture in an island’s bestiary
and snap my metal jaws without a sound.
I’m having a dream where I’m in your bestiary
and I’m a terrible flyer. The mechanics are all wrong.
I am embarrassed. I’m knocking against the air,
boards attached to my arms, yet


Erin J. Mullikin lives in Syracuse and is a poetry editor for Salt Hill. Her work can be found at GlitterPony, BlazeVOX, and other journals.


David Wojciechowski lives and dies in Syracuse, New York where he is an editor-in-chief at Salt Hill.