First issue of Beecher’s discussed by the Literary Magazine Club at HTMLGIANT

During the month of November in 2011, the first issue of Beecher’s was discussed by the Literary Magazine Club at HTMLGIANT.  The discussion was organized by Beecher’s assistant managing editor Jason Robberson and HTMLGIANT contributor (and the co-editor of PANK) Roxane Gay.  Below are some excerpts from the online {LMC} conversations.

“Aside from the care that has gone into crafting a gorgeous physical object, one of the first things I noticed about the issue was the absence of individual story or poem titles from the table of contents page. I would be curious to find out if this was purely a design consideration – although the stepped, descending author names make for an incredibly crisp layout, it also gives the impression of privileging the writer above their work.”

“Reading Beecher’s is [...] a physical experience[.]”

“The content in this issue is fantastic, but I’ll reiterate what’s already been said about the fantastic production quality/value of this first issue. I didn’t even notice the riffle on the the cover until like, a week ago.”

“The tactile feel of the book is the first thing I noticed, and its production is really interesting. This is a refreshingly minimalist and physical object — a wonderful break for those of us who spend our entire days in front of the computer.”


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