Literary Magazine Club at HTMLGIANT

We’re pleased to announce that Beecher’s One will be part of HTMLGIANT’s new Literary Magazine Club; the discussion starts November 1st. If you want to participate, you’re eligible to order Beecher’s One at 40% through our secure portal (available on the original post at HTMLGIANT). Or, if you know the password, click here.

Special thanks to  and Beecher’s Asst. Managing Editor Jason Robberson for organizing all of this.

The discussion of Beecher’s debut issue will start on November 1, so you’ll have enough time to read and think about the issue. If you’re interested in writing a guest post or some other feature related to this issue of Beecher’s, get in touch by e-mailing me, again, at roxane at Topics you might consider discussing include the design, content, overall aesthetic, whether the magazine met your expectations, if the debut is promising, what the magazine contributes to the literary scene, etc. You might also do an in-depth analysis of one writer’s work, etc. There are no limits.

There’s also a Google Group with light posting about literary magazines and club announcements. If you want to join the group or want more information about the LMC, where to get your leather jacket and tattoo, etc, send me an e-mail. To summarize: however you want to participate please get in touch or watch this space in November when hopefully, we’ll have a great discussion about an interesting new literary magazine.

via Literary Magazine Club Never Dies | HTMLGIANT.